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  • Modify Shipping Methods Programatically in Woocommerce

    Modify Shipping Methods Programatically in Woocommerce is normal for any E-Commerce website build on WordPress using Woocomemrce. A lot of people gets confused when it comes to use woocommerce_package_rates filter on woocommerce to change shipping methods conditionally. I was one of them too. But woocommerce_package_rates do all stuff required to modify/remove shipping methods programatically. Paste […]

  • Custom Shipping Methods Woocommerce

    Custom Shipping Method is a smart move if you want to show shipping methods according to your needs using some parameters/fields in woocommerce. To create a Custom Shipping Method, You will have to create a plugin using below code. Create a folder custom-shipping-method in wp-content/plugins. Create a file inside custom-shipping-method folder named custom-shipping-method.php and paste […]

  • Litespeed Cache with Woocommerce

    Litespeed Cache is one of the best caching plugin on wordpress but sometimes it makes things worse on wordpress website. On this post we are going to talk about how we can make it work with woocommerce. Known Issues Cart Items Count getting cached. Add to Cart using Ajax doesn’t work. Woocommerce Pages getting cached […]

  • Disable User Password Change Email/Notification on WordPress

    Wondering, How to disable user password change emails/notifications. Here is your answer. Disable Password Change Email to Admin Note: Create a Plugin or Add this code inside a custom plugin to make this code work. Suppressing this email notification has to handled with a plugin because pluggable.php is loaded earlier than a theme’s functions.php file. Disable Password Change Email […]

  • How To Use AJAX In WordPress

    Want to do something without even reloading the page on wordpress ? Use WP Ajax. Using WP Ajax, You can do stuff asynchronously like Add to Cart, Refresh Fragments, Change Quantity of Products, Load more posts and many more. How to create Ajax Calls in WordPress ? 1. Create Ajax Actions on WordPress. Example: Woocoommerce […]

  • Add/Create Shortcode with Arguments

    Shortcodes are pretty useful in wordpress to show static/dynamic custom content according to your needs. You can use shortcodes to show dynamic content like Posts, Categories, Products, etc. Many WordPress plugins and themes use shortcodes to add specialized content like contact forms, image galleries, sliders, and many more. If you’re thinking to learn WordPress backend, […]